This is a long overdue shoutout to my neighborhood Bible study girlfriends, affectionately known as the “hoodies.” (Back when I was crazy and leading multiple studies, I needed to distinguish my neighborhood study group, hence the moniker!)

Sitting: Page, Cindy Lou (birthday girl), Lynn
Standing: Susie, Jennifer, Juli, Kim, me

We’ve added a few new members over the years, but a bunch of us have been together since the late-90s. We have quite a history together and have been through a lot of phases of life.

We’ve put our little ones on the bus, served together on PTA boards and weathered all kinds of middle school drama. We’ve worked long hours for proms, raised funds for various projects, sat together at sporting events and cheered for each others’ kids. Some of us have dropped those same kids off at colleges and academies, and then had to adjust to the void they left behind.

We’ve Experienced God, Broken Free, and are currently
Living On The Edge.

We’ve done dozens of studies, watched a  hundred+ hours of video and scarfed down more Mexican food than… well, than is healthy. We’ve laughed and cried and prayed. We’ve lived and loved.

They fed my family when I was too sick to cook. They sat with me when I was recovering from surgeries. Cindy Lou and Kim (both nurses) saw a whole lot more of me than anybody else ever has.

At the funeral service for my niece Karis, I looked toward the guests’ side as we crept down the aisle to sit with my sister. There on the front row, my hoodies. I still get teary thinking about it. These girls got up early and drove to North Carolina to be with Monica and me, and even stood at the graveside with us.

And that’s just some of what they’ve done for me. These women are amazing and I can’t imagine life without them.

Now we’re entering new phases of life: parenting adult children, second careers, assisting elderly parents and learning to adjust to our own aging bodies. What a fabulous blessing it is to know that we don’t face any of that alone.

And I’m thankful 🙂

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