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“Does this make me look fat?”

Even if we haven’t asked the question, we’ve pondered it. And I speak for women everywhere when I say there is one time we ALL ask it: when trying on swimwear.

PTL for online shopping, but at some point I still have to try on the blasted thing. Two nine-pound babies and four abdominal surgeries have left their collective marks on my midsection. Not pretty.

I wish I could say that my feelings of insecurity are limited to swimsuits. They’re not. Like waves on the beach, insecurity crashes over me sometimes.

I thought I identified a pattern: insecurity comes when I step into a new position. But I realized that sometimes I felt insecure even after I’d been established. What’s up with that?

Why would I wrestle with feelings of unworthiness, intimidation and doubt when I know God provided those opportunities for me?

Because I focused on the wrong thing.

After the initial excitement wore off, I realized all the ways I didn’t “measure up.” I saw the task ahead of me and forgot the Power behind me.

Ouch. Can I get a witness? Actually, I can.

Meet Gideon

When the Lord wanted to deliver the Israelites from the marauding Midianites, He called an unlikely leader. Young, inexperienced and afraid, Gideon hid as he threshed a pocketful of grain.

When the angel of the LORD appeared to Gideon, he said,
“The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.”
~Judges 6:12 (NIV)

Gideon didn’t feel mighty and certainly didn’t act warrior-like, but God’s tailor-made plan for His people didn’t call for an experienced general like Joshua. His plan called for an insecure servant with an unshakeable resolve. When the time came to battle the enemy, God empowered him to do something amazing:

Gideon led a rag-tag band of 300 men against an army of 135,000. And WON.

God has a tailor-made plan and purpose for each of us, too, and He already knows when we’ll be insecure. We tend to view insecurity as a weakness; but what if we learned to use it to our advantage?

Instead of letting insecurity trigger feelings of intimidation, what if we reprogrammed our thinking so it reminded us to pray?

When waves of “I can’t do this” hit, immediately confess it to God:
“I can’t do this, Lord, but YOU can. Please show me what to do!”

As we reach for Him, He takes us by the hand and steadies us with His Word. He might also send a friend or encourager to help us keep our focus on Him. With each faithful step,

His purpose is accomplished,
our faith is strengthened, and
a testimony is built. <– Tweet this!

I want to be sure my testimony speaks of God’s faithfulness, not my own ingenuity. I want my legacy to show that I pressed on, even when I felt overwhelmed and insecure, because I trusted my mighty God.

And that’s better than any tummy-tucking Miraclesuit.

What about you? How have you battled insecurity?

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