All the days for me were written in your book before I was one day old. Ps 139:16b

Heavenly Father, Your wisdom is beyond our comprehension!
When we stop to remember that You
formed us and knew us and planned our lives
before we had taken our first breaths,
we have a “David moment” of our own:
“such knowledge is too wonderful for me!” (Ps 139:6)

Lord, You’ve also planned that we’d be
followers of Christ Jesus
and You’ve designed good works for us to do in His Name.
Reveal to us the unique experiences we’ve had
that might be a blessing to someone
who is very different from us.

We want to be lights of hope in a dark world and
we want no trace of prejudice, fear or apprehension.
Help us to live with
purpose, boldness and compassion
through Christ Jesus, our Lord,

Today kicks off our Summer Graffiti study! You can get your resources at my friend Alene Snodgrass’s site, Positively Alene.ย You’re also welcome to follow along here each week for a prayer on Monday and a short vlog on Wednesday. In case you missed the invitation last Wednesday, check it out:

Join me on Wednesday as I share from the intro.

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