At the beginning of the summer, I joined my friend Alene for her Graffiti Summer study. She challenged us to do some serious comfort zone stretching, and it was seriously GOOD. I read so many inspiring testimonies and was encouraged to stretch even further.

Something the Lord has impressed on me lately has to do with words. Specifically, I’ve sensed that He wants me to tell people that He loves them. And not the usual people that you’d expect, like my friends or my kids or my kids’ friends. But theย unusual.

Heart and Hands

Photo courtesy of Michal Marcol

Total strangers.

A few weeks ago I was shopping in my favorite upscale grocery store. You know, the kind with the fabulous deli, artisan breads & pricey cheeses. The place that sells toilet paper, but you never actually buy it because a 4-pack costs $5 .

I grabbed the handful of things I needed, then made my way to the checkout. The clerk stood in front of her register, indicating her line was open. From her downcast look, I could tell her heart was heavy. As we exchanged pleasantries, I sensed it. That still, small voice:

Tell her that I see her and I love her.

Seriously, Lord? I don’t know this girl! She’s going to think I’m a fruit loop.

Tell her that I see her and I love her.

I took a deep breath … and walked away.

Go back and tell her that I see her and I love her.

Lord, there are other people in line. Everybody will think I’m weird!

I continued toward the door, and then stopped. Ugh, maybe I AM weird.

I circled back around, grabbed a bag of chips and went to her line. My heart pounded as the customer ahead of me finished paying. The clerk barely noticed my repeat visit as she scanned the bag. I took a deep breath …

Portrait of a Businesswoman with arms folded“God sees you, and He wants me to tell you that He loves you.”

She smirked, “I’m glad somebody does.”

“Well, He does, and He’s going to work out what you’re going through.”

Okay, here’s where I’d like to be able to tell you that she burst into tears, hugged me and asked me to tell her all about Jesus. And that I shared my testimony, walked her down the Romans Road, explained the Four Spiritual Laws and led her to the Lord. YAY, a score for Jesus!

I’d like to tell you that, but I can’t.

She muttered “thank you” under her breath, but I think it was for shopping in their store and not for telling her God loved her. If she thought I was crazy, she was polite enough to keep it to herself.

So while it wasn’t a score for Jesus, it was a score for obedience. It didn’t kill me, and not too many people thought I was crazy. But the best part is that the next time I sense Him prompting me out of my comfort zone, it won’t seem quite as scary.

Tweetable:ย ย The more often you take steps of faith, the less scary they become.

Do you have an out-of-your-comfort-zone story? I’d love to hear it!

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