I spent last weekend at Lake Keowee with a fabulous group of Christian writers. This was a retreat for most of us (except Edie, Vonda & Theresa – they worked). And it was GREAT. I can’t say that strongly enough, and I can’t express how much I needed it.

NCompass Writer's Retreat

I enjoy writing and I seem to have a steady supply of ideas, but I’ve been procrastinating. There are lots of reasons for this, namely household chores and other obligations. But very often I procrastinate because I listen to the wrong voices. Voices in my head that tell me I don’t have the right educational background, I should have started this 10 years ago, nobody cares what I have to say…

What made this retreat so great was finding out EVERYBODY hears “those voices” but not everybody listens to them. Some are determined to ignore “those voices” and get serious and disciplined with their writing. And those are the ones God uses.

Kristi Butler

My sweet friend Kristi (be sure to visit her blog!) shared a powerful word with us one morning. She woke up early to see the sunrise, and was battling “those voices” and the feelings of inadequacy they stir up. As she was laying those feelings at the Lord’s feet, she heard Him whisper,

“You are highly favored among women.”

“What??” she asked, “That was MARY. And she carried Your Son in her womb!”

“Yes, but you carry Him in your heart, and I’ve called you to share Him.”

Whoa. Talk about a WORD from the Lord and talk about a challenge. And that’s not only a word for writers, it’s for everyone in the Body of Christ. We each have a call and a place of service that the Lord calls us to. And because we carry Him in our hearts, we are highly favored.

So when “those voices” start ringing in my ears, I plan to shut them up with that truth. And then sit down to write.

And be thankful.


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