I’m on the road this week and got to meet up with my friend Diane Bailey! She and some other friends are at Proverbs 31 She Speaks this weekend.

Hope you enjoy these favorites!

My friend Edie Melson shared this on Tuesday:

The Writer’s Alphabet

If you’re a writer or think you might want to start writing, check it out. (Arrrrr, I’m a sucker for anything with a pirate.) Edie is also a social media maven so be sure to stalk her site for some great info. In fact, you should subscribe to her blog and be among the first to be informed!


My BFF Sandi had two GREAT posts this week —

Tips To Make Your Head Explode

It’s a two-parter, so be sure to click back and see the previous post.


On the third Thursday of each month, my friend Vonda Skelton compiles a list of writing opportunities WITH LINKS.

Writer’s Headlines: Writing Opportunities for you!


The Man was on the road this week and came across this cake.

 Italian Lemon Cream Cake

It’s in our immediate future.


And finally…

I can think of at least a dozen people I could tag in this photo…

I’m crazy busy this summer and need some suggestions. What are some of YOUR favorites?

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