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From across the room, I saw it: the blinking red light. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

“You might as well play them back,” my husband groaned.

I punched PLAY and heard, “You have 8 NEW messages.”

With each automated voice, I jabbed ERASE. “I’ll be so glad when this is OVER,” I complained to Steve.

Is anyone else sick of the tsunami of publicity this election year? Television commercials, newspaper ads, “robo” calls… The waves have even crashed through the walls of social media. With less than a week before the election, both parties are surging.

I’m ready for it to end.

And I’m not worried about who wins.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t care or have a preference, because I do. In fact, I’ve prayerfully considered the issues and already cast my vote. I’m not worried because of a lesson I learned from Daniel:

“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;
wisdom and power are His.
He changes times and seasons;
He sets up kings and deposes them…
~Daniel 2:20-21

Did you catch that? GOD sets up kings (and presidents).

And once they take office? They become servants of GOD, whether they realize it or not.

We think the issues facing us in this election are unique, but they’re not. Economic woes, national security, personal well-being, etc. have been concerns throughout the centuries. As King Solomon mused, there is nothing new under the sun, including rulers we might not like.

One of my favorite accounts is found in Jeremiah. Three times God referred to the pagan Babylonian king, a man who would take His children captive, as

“My servant, Nebuchadnezzar.”

Seriously? This man:

  • destroyed the holy city, looted and burned the Temple (2 Kings 25),
  • used the consecrated Temple articles for pagan worship (Daniel 1)
  • carried off the brightest young men (like Daniel) and made them serve as eunuchs (Daniel 1)
  • erected a statue and commanded God’s children bow down before it (Daniel 3)

A servant of God? Really?

That’s a tough one for me to understand, but I’m looking at it from a limited, human perspective. God’s perspective is much different:

His thoughts and ways are higher
His understanding is perfect
His plan is eternal

If He considers earthly leaders His servants, then so will I.

It is better to trust the LORD than to
put confidence in people
or government or a job or retirement plans
or the economy or the military
or health care plans or…
~Ps 118:8 (suz)

And that’s why I’m not worried — God’s got it covered!

I’ll PRAY for the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, but
I’ll TRUST in the Ruler of heaven & earth!
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What about you? Any reflections you’d like to share?

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