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I love the television show The Voice. 

The season begins with “blind auditions,” which go like this:

Judges sit with their backs to the contestant,
Contestant walks on stage and sings.

The goal of the contestant is to perform so well that they catch the attention of one of the judges. If a judge(s) likes what he/she hears, they hit their big red button, their big red chair turns around and the contestant chooses a judge to coach them in the competition.

The show’s production is great. It’s not like American Idol, where they let any and every crazy person audition. Only solid singers perform on The Voice.

The production staff interviews a handful of contestants each week, which lets the viewers connect with them. But their performances don’t always connect with a judge.

The song ends, the big red chairs revolve, the judges offer some parting words of encouragement, and the contestant takes “the walk of shame.”

It kinda takes me back to my elementary school playground when I wasn’t chosen for dodgeball.

sad child

As I watched the blind auditions, I had an interesting thought:

Some people go through life like this,
performing in hopes of being chosen or accepted.

That isn’t always bad, especially when you have goals. A good performance will help land a lucrative job or a starting position on a team.

But when you perform to win approval …

performing for the “cool kids” by doing certain things …
performing for a committee by adopting certain attitudes …

Or you perform to win someone’s love …

People who accept or love you based on your performance
will reject you when the performance stops.

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Some people approach God in a similar fashion. They picture Him on His throne, with His back to them.

young people volunteering with homelessSo they perform. Attending church, donating to charities, helping the less fortunate, etc. Good deeds, good words, good whatever, hoping God will turn around and choose them.

God doesn’t work that way. The good performance is fine, but He’s not impressed with any of it and He certainly wouldn’t turn around for it.

In fact, it’s like filthy rags.

Or singing off-key.

But He does turn around for Someone…

There’s One Who stands with arms outstretched, waiting for you. The minute you trust Jesus as Savior, it’s as if you hand Him your microphone and let Him sing for you.

The minute God hears His Son’s voice, He turns around.
And because of Jesus, He chooses you.

Are you performing for God? Hoping your good deeds will get you to heaven?
Or are you trusting in Jesus? Knowing you’ll never be good enough to get God’s attention?

Jesus said,
“I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.
No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
~John 14:6

May the truth of the Gospel transform you:

Jesus died so that you might live.

What are you looking forward to in eternity?

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