Graffiti - Study and DoThis is a post in community with Alene Snodgrass and Graffiti Summer! Something you need to know: here on my site, youโ€™re never too late to join anything, so visit whenever you can! Iโ€™ll be posting a SHORT vlog each Wednesday, so feel free to share in the comments even if you canโ€™t participate in the study!

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by today! We’re almost at the end of our Summer Graffiti Study. All my posts can be found in Graffiti Summer. This week Alene challenged us to go forward in our calling and impact our generation:

Have you ever felt like all you had to offer was a little bag lunch? I have. In fact, I DO. All the time! I look at what other people are accomplishing in ministry, and I feel “less than.” While I don’t consider myself old, I no longer qualify as young!

God has grand “game plan” for our generation.
He has a position each of us on the field, but
we let doubt and fear keep us on the bench.

(you know you want to tweet that!)

I realize this a busy holiday week, but let’s ask God to keep our eyes and hearts open to the little things we can do. Maybe it’s gathering trash or folding lawn chairs after the picnic. Or maybe it’s keeping an eye on a toddler so his mama can have lunch in peace.

Think for a minute: somebody recently did something for you. They probably thought it was no big deal, but it was significant to you.

Share how you’ve been blessed by something seemingly “insignificant.”

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