As you could probably figure out from my online absence, I’ve been swamped. When I returned from my month-long trip to the Holy Land, life kicked into high gear. So much is happening, but so little of it will find its way here to the blog.


Counseling and Teaching

Earlier this year I sensed the Lord pulling me toward more one-on-one ministry. As much as I’ve missed being online, I’m loving all the real-life opportunities He’s put in my path.

I’ve also felt a deep conviction about teaching the Word, which has resulted in more research than I’ve ever done. Since there are only so many hours in a day, it’s left less time for writing.


Back to the blog?

Susan thinkingBut dare I even utter this, life seems to be slowing down a smidge, and so I plan to tiptoe back out here each week. I’ll be featuring author interviews and book reviews, like the one I did last week with my friend Michelle. I’ll also be featuring updates from some ministries I’ve partnered with in recent months.

I hope you’ll join me for “Museday Tuesday,” random ponderings and insights I’ve had recently about a passage I’ve studied.

I’ll also be launching a newsletter soon! If you’re already a blog subscriber, you’ll automagically receive the newsletter every month. If you’re not a subscriber, you’ll have the option to subscribe to only the newsletter. It will have different content than the blog, including some helpful social media and technology tips I come across.


Need website help?

Something else new and exciting is my gig as a web designer for the fabulous BibleDude himself, Dan King of Fistbump Media. We’re working on some good stuff, so if you’re interested in starting a website, migrating to WordPress, or even giving your blog a facelift, check him out. (And let him know I referred you so I can have first dibs on your project.)

fistbump media image

Other blog notes: I’ll be tweaking my site in the weeks to come, so it’s liable to look a little wonky from time to time. And something I hope you’ll enjoy: the posts will be short—a 2-3 minute read with an open-ended discussion question. I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on Twitter!

This post is closing in on the 3-minute mark, so…


Point to Ponder

Wednesday evening begins Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. It’s the first of the three Fall Feasts and is marked by the blowing of the shofar (ram’s horn). Rosh Hashanah kicks off a 10-day period of repentance, preparing the people for Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonement.

Shofar and prayers offered at the Western Wall during Rosh HashanahAccording to Jewish tradition, God opens the books of life and death during these 10 days. If a Jewish person adequately repents and if their good deeds outweigh the bad, then they’ll receive God’s blessing for the coming year. A common Hebrew greeting during this period is L’shanah tovah tikatvu—“May your name be inscribed in the Book of Life.”

Since Christ Jesus was Jewish, it’s important for Christians to understand some of their traditions, particularly the seven feasts. It’s fascinating to study the feasts because we see how He was the ultimate fulfillment of each one, particularly as the perfect sacrifice Who atoned for the sins of mankind.

My question: 

God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus: why is that such a difficult concept?

BTW – congrats to the winner of #50Women Every Christian Should Know: Vonda Skelton!
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Shofar Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons CCFlickr – Government Press Office (GPO) 

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