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Divi Layout Ideas

These are some divi layouts that have been adapted for writers and speakers. Some would require that you provide hi-res images (headshots, speaking, etc) but others can use stock photos. Your headshot will look best if it’s hi-res and taken by a professional who can do a little tuning on the image, but if that’s not available I will do the best with what you provide.

Click the image to “pop out” and view, or click the button below the image to see the live page.




2 options for headers:

landscape orientation background image (yours or a stock photo), OR a colored background with a smaller headshot (works well if you don’t have a hi-res headshot).


This layout works well for an author with several books. The most recent would be featured at the top along with CTAs to join a launch team, preorder, or purchase.


This works well if you have a portrait orientation hi-res headshot. The colors used on this page are pulled from the headshot.


This is a good option if you’re just starting to build your online presence and don’t have a ton of content. Establish your focus and then invite readers to join your mailing list. A simple lead magnet (freebie for subscribers) is a good idea here.

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