Images for your website

Landscape images work best for full width backgrounds and featured images for your blog posts. Pixabay has a huge selection of public use images you can download. Be sure to download the 1280px width.

If you want to use a fullwidth image as your headshot in a page header, ask your photographer to use the “rule of thirds” – position you in 1/3 of the frame. This lets us add content on the side:

Susan Stilwell

your brief welcome message or tagline here.

Fullwidth images also work well as a place to rest your eyes between content-heavy sections, either as a static image or with a scroll effect:

Landscape images make great backgrounds for CTA sections, such as a subscriber optin:

Portrait images are better in a row with 2+ columns, and if the image can be cropped to a square I can border it with a circle:

Always upload the highest resolution image so it will be crisp and look nice on a variety of monitors. If the image isn’t at least 1280px wide it will look grainy or blurry when it’s stretched to full width. This is especially problematic if you grab photos from social media network such as Facebook: