About Us

Who we are

It began with a Facebook friend request.

With nearly 100 friends in common, MarLane Knuppel wondered why she and Susan Stilwell had never met. When she clicked “Add Friend” MarLane had no idea the Lord would use their friendship to launch a regional women’s conference.

After several months, many conversations and much prayer, Radiant Roanoke was born. We’re excited about the way the Holy Spirit bridged denominations and united a group of women to form the leadership team of Radiant.

God has given us a passion to bring together women from across all Christian congregations to get to know one another as sisters in Christ and to know His vision for our lives.

Our Vision

We aim to provide an opportunity for women to be drawn into the presence of God, that they will be encouraged personally and invited to worship the Lord freely, and that they will grow in their spiritual faith through sound and inspiring biblical teaching. As a result, we pray that all of us will be better equipped to serve our families, churches, and communities.

Our Mission

We host an annual one-day Christian women’s event, providing an experience for women that will enrich their lives, expand their faith, encourage their hearts, and provide an opportunity to connect with other Christian women in Southwest Virginia.

Our Core Values:

We believe God’s radiance can shine through every area of our lives, even in our brokenness, insecurities, and hurts. We desire to honor Him with:

  • a radiant faith that produces
  • a radiant joy that’s displayed in
  • a radiant service.

We believe we’re called to:

  • teach truth through sound doctrine (Titus 2:1),
  • share hope with those hurting (Psalm 71:14),
  • promote peace and unity in the body of Christ (Eph 4:3), and
  • model the love of Christ in all that we do (2 Timothy 1:13).

Ps 34-5